Monday, February 4, 2008

Great Grids

The other day one of my customer was asking me this question:

Why I cannot see my Grid-Line on Level 2 Floor Plan when I have drawn it on Level 0?

The answer to this is that the Grid_Line in elevation is not extended above the Level 2 level line. The Grid Line in Revit is intelligent that as long as you draw it on floor plan, you will see it on elevation. No duplication of effort! However, it also allows you the flexibility of choosing to display
the Grid Line on the higher level should you choose not to.

So, as long as Grid Line is drag above Level 2 Level line, the Grid Line will be displayed in Level 2 floor plan.

My customer then ask me another question:

What if I need the Grid Line to appear staggered on elevation, yet I want the Grid Line to appear in floor plan?

To achieve that, you may make use of the 3D extent and 2D extent property of the Grid Line.

First, pick on the Grid Line which you want to drag downward in elevation.

Repeat the same procedure for Grid 3 and 4. Voila! You get the staggered Grid Line on elevation yet all Grid lines appear on floor plan.

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