Friday, December 4, 2009

Green Building Index

Green building is the rage now a days. There are some people who had asked me regarding this. This is how Malaysia Architects Association (PAM) rate the green building. The following is an extract from



1 Energy Efficiency (EE)
2 Indoor Environmental Quality (EQ)
3 Sustainable Site Planning & Management (SM)
4 Material and Resources (MR)
5 Water Efficiency (WE)
6 Innovation (IN)

1) Energy Efficiency (EE)
Improve energy consumption by optimising building orientation, minimizing solar heat gain through the building envelope, harvesting natural lighting, adopting the best practices in building services including use of renewable energy, and ensuring proper testing, commissioning and regular maintenance.

2) Indoor Environment Quality (EQ)
Achieve good quality performance in indoor air quality, acoustics, visual and thermal comfort. These will involve the use of low volatile organic compound materials, application of quality air filtration, proper control of air temperature, movement and humidity.

3) Sustainable Site Planning & Management (SM)
Selecting appropriate sites with planned access to public transportation, community services, open spaces and landscaping. Avoiding and conserving environmentally sensitive areas through the redevelopment of existing sites and brownfields. Implementing proper construction management, storm water management and reducing the strain on existing infrastructure capacity.

4) Materials & Resources (MR)
Promote the use of environment-friendly materials sourced from sustainable sources and recycling. Implement proper construction waste management with storage, collection and re-use of recyclables and construction formwork and waste.

5) Water Efficiency (WE)
Rainwater harvesting, water recycling and water-saving fittings.

6) Innovation (IN)
Innovative design and initiatives that meet the objectives of the GBI.

Achieving points in these targeted areas will mean that the building will likely be more environment-friendly than those that do not address the issues. Under the GBI assessment framework, points will also be awarded for achieving and incorporating environment-friendly features which are above current industry practice.



The GBI Non-Residential Rating tool evaluates the sustainable aspects of buildings that are commercial, institutional and industrial in nature. This includes factories, offices, hospitals, universities, colleges, hotels and shopping complexes.

Of the six criteria that make up the GBI rating, emphasis is placed on energy efficiency and indoor environmental quality as these have the greatest impact in the areas of energy use and well-being of the occupants and users of the building.

By improving on the efficiency of active (mechanical and electrical) systems as well as incorporating good passive designs together with proper sustainable maintenance regimes, significant reductions in consumed energy can be realised. This can lead to a reduced carbon footprint and also offers long-term savings for the building owners.

Points NR


The GBI Residential Rating tool evaluates the sustainable aspects of residential buildings. This includes linked houses, apartments, condominiums, townhouses, semi-detached and bungalows.

This tool places more emphasis on sustainable site planning & management, followed by energy efficiency. This serves to encourage developers and home owners to consider the environmental quality of homes and their inhabitants through better site selection, provisions of public transport access, increased community services and connectivity, as well as improved infrastructure.

Such achievement will help reduce the negative impact to the environment and create a better and safer place for residents and the community as a whole.

Points R

86+ points Platinum
76 to 85 points Gold
66 to 75 points Silver
50 to 65 points Certified

The Dome of Panthoen

I come across this exciting piece by Zach Kron of Buildz. Looking at the things taking shapes accompanying it with a piece of classical of Gioachino.Rossini - William Tell Overture (Finale) by maestro Herbert von Karajan is indeed very enjoyable. Only thing is that the piece is too short for the Revit to finish processing the journal. I would suggest follow it up with another piece - the Gioachino Rossini - The Barber of Seville - Overture. It would make your day!

The following is exactly as Zach put it.

Psst, hey kid . . . want to make the dome of the Pantheon in 220 seconds* with Revit 2010?

Extract the contents of this .zip file to a folder on your machine.
2. Identify the file pimpMyDome.txt
3. Put on your headphones.
4. Drag and drop pimpMyDome.txt into your Revit 2010 desktop shortcut.
5. While Revit is starting up, click on this link:

When it's all over, inspect the folder were pimpMyDome.txt was, you get a PRIZE! A freshly baked parametric coffer panel!

Revit vs Sketchup

This is a video that is from YouTube illustrated very clearly what can Sketchup and Revit achieve with the same amount of time. Next time I will have discussion on this.