Sunday, July 27, 2008

Problem with 3D View in Revit 2009

In Revit Architecture 2009, you may find a problem with 3D view (non perspective view). It would appear as half shaded and half wire frame (as attached).

This is because of a bug within the display of Revit Archietcture 2009. This also happens with AutoCAD 2009 as well. However, there is any easy way to solve this problem. Just delete the 3D View and goto View menu and choose New then Default 3D View. Voila! The 3D view appear as normal now.


Hellz_Yeah said...

Thanks a lot. This saved me A LOT of trouble trying to fix this bug on my own.

gog said...

Many Thanks. Saved me lots of time too.

gog said...

Hi there
That bug is back again in the 3 d view and this time when I do the fix it wont work Have you any suggestions?