Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Revit Fill Patterns

Revit Fill Pattern is more powerful then what a lot of people think. Sometimes you may tried to arranged the tile pattern on that wall or floor so that they will not appear as half tile or quarter tile. For those who have used AutoCAD hatch pattern will realise that it is impossible to do so in AutoCAD. They end up drawing the exploding the pattern and tried to rearranged the tile pattern manually.

Now in Revit, you just have to put a surface pattern on the wall or floor. Then use ALIGN command to align the tile. You will see the tile pattern aligned to the edge selected. COOL.....

There are also not many Revit Fill Pattern inside Revit. What you may do is to import AutoCAD acad.pat or similar file. However, any pattern from AutoCAD can only be brought in as a Drafting Pattern. To convert them to Model Pattern simply add ;%TYPE=MODEL to the line between the name and the text for the pattern itself for it to be used as a Model Pattern in Revit.


*Block 8x16, 8 x 16 Blocks Runing Bond
0, 0, 0, 0,
90, 0, 0, 8

If you open up the revit.pat file (located at C:\Program Files\Revit Architecture 2008\Data) there is a pretty decent description on what needs to be added for the pattern types.

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joelf said... can u avoid filling the whole wall with a hatch pattern in revit 2009. the elevation and floor plans do not look there a way to only fill the sides and leave the middle empty of the hatch pattern?