Monday, June 8, 2009

Introduction to Conceptual Massing in Revit 2010

Conceptual Massing in Revit 2010 is the major feature and major addition in Revit 2010. It allows Revit to create more complex form which is formerly available only in software such as 3DS Max. Even though the function to create complex shape is not as comprehensive as in 3DS Max but it does expand the architectural forming ability.

For conceptual massing, the user have to choose Metric Mass from the available family template. In fact there is only one choice.

1. Once conceptual massing is initiated, you will see 3 reference planes. 2 are vertical planes and 1 horizontal plane. To set the horizontal plane as the current work plane, one has to first pick and highlighted the horizontal plane to set it to be the current work plane.

2. After set the work plane, you may draw the curve just as in diagram. This shape is achieved by mirroring a 3 point arc.

3. Pick on the shape and highlighted it. Pick on Create Form >Form to extrude it into solid shape.

4. Pick the blue arrow to drag to appropriate height.

5. Highlight the top face and rotate it. As you rotate the top face you will also twist the cylinder.

6. Highlight the element face and pick Xray to display the form in Xray form.

7. With the face still highlighted, pick Add Profile.

8. You may change the added profile by dragging the orange arrow. You will see the form is now becoming more interesting.

9. You may further change the form by highlighting the axis point and drag.

10. The elevation of the resulting form


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