Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Making sense of Revit 2010 Interface

To those who are used to the old interface of Revit 2009 and below, it is a hassle to look for all the commands which have been staying in the same place for past couple of years. Until Revit 2010 comes along that is. So to make sense of where is where, I am comparing the interface between the old and new Revit, hopefully pointing the way for those who are completely lost (like me).

The old Revit have both pull down menus and design bar menus to choose the commands from. The new Revit no longer had that luxury. It had only one way to access the command and that is via the ribbon interface which Autodesk claims to have re-written so that the Revit can be better prepared for future improvement and more stable blah blah blah.

This provides a road map to map the old design bar to the new ribbon tab.

Basic Bar

Home Tab

Wall, Door, Window

Build Panel


Build Panel->Component Drop Down>Place a Component


Room & Area Panel>Room Drop Down>Room

Roof>Roof by Footprint; Roof by Extrusion; Roof by Face; Roof Soffit

Build Panel>Roof Drop Down


Build Panel>Floor Drop Down>Floor


Datum Panel>Grid


Model Panel>Model Line

Ref Plane

Work Plane Panel>Ref Plane Drop Down>Draw Reference Plane


Annotate Tab>Dimension Panel


View Tab>Create Panel>Section


Datum Panel>Level


Annotate Tab>Text Panel>Text

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