Friday, June 12, 2009

Rendering Tips in Revit 2009/2010

One question that I encounter recently goes like this. We understand that Mental Ray rendering in 3ds Max would be rendering in random box (called bucket), this bucket actually indicate that how many processors are being used in the rendering. So, for a Dual Core processor, there would be two buckets running on screen. In the same way, Quad Core processor would display 4 buckets when rendering. Now, Revit rendering also employs Mental Ray technology, why you cannot utilise all the 4 cores in the rendering?

The answer is this:
Revit rendering do not exactly employ the same technology even though it is said to be Mental Ray based. So, the Revit rendering does utilise all the 4 cores but it only shows 1 bucket while rendering.

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The Revit Kid said...

I brought this up with Phil Bernstein (VIP of Autodesk AEC) and he stated that they have really been working on the rendering speeds for Revit. The difference is that 3dS Max itself is a giant rendering engine. The script and code allow it to be. Revit is not. Revit is a database.

I think they will make Revit a tad bit faster in the future but it will never be as fast as 3DS Max untill they build the rendering engine outside of the project (sort of like the Conceptual Massing).

I plan on doing a post soon over at my blog about how to speed up rendering times. For now... it's painful to wait 2 days for a rendering.